Mailbird - Lean email client for Windows with support for multiple accounts and HTML signatures

6. February 2018
Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail...The choice is huge if you are looking for a suitable program to process your emails. I got stuck with Mailbird after several years of annoyed Outlook use.

For me, it was mainly these points that were important:

  • manage multiple email accounts
  • easy to use (I want to concentrate on my emails, not have to struggle with the program)
  • HTML email signature for business emails
  • free of charge or without subscription model

What always bothered me about Outlook was that it is incredibly complicated to integrate its Google contacts. It is possible, but you have to install third party add-ons (I had used gSyncIt). After I wanted to synchronize my calendars with the same tool and then copied and synchronized all my appointments, which I enter neatly into several calendars to separate private from business, my patience with Outlook was at an end - something new had to replace it.

mailbird screen

Bild von Mailbird

I use Windows 10, so the idea of using the integrated "Mail" was obvious. This does what Outlook can't do - connect to Google. Just enter the data, everything is there. Multiple accounts are also no problem. Too bad that Mail does not support HTML signatures.

When I tried Mailbird, I was immediately thrilled. It's simple in design, but has all the features you would expect from a modern email client. Multiple accounts, calendars, contacts, email lists, HTML signatures... To use all features you need to upgrade to Mailbird Pro - for 12€ per year or once for 49€ for the lifetime license. You can upgrade to the Lite version to see the software for yourself, or you can use it forever - if one email account is enough.

What can Mailbird do?

mailbird logo

Multiple email accounts

One email account in the Lite version, unlimited in the Pro version

Google Calendar and Contacts

Easy integration of the Google Account. Just log in and you are ready to go

WhatsApp and Slack Integration

Fast access to instant messaging. Quickly switch between email and chat

Search attachments

Email inbox full? Quickly search through all attachments and find space wasters

HTML Signatures

Use beautiful signatures! Of course, text is also possible...

Handy keyboard shortcuts

Easy to remember, useful shortcuts that make your work easier